Planes and Buses and Hotels, oh my!

I’m waiting at the Punta Arenas airport for the bus that will take me across the Argentinian border to Puerto Natales. On the way here from Santiago, we flew over the Torres del Paine mountains – how tremendous! Today is just traveling… I’ll sleep in Puerto Natales tonight and then continue on to Chalten (still in Argentina), by the Glacier National Park.

Looking forward to catching up on sleep and then seeing some beautiful landscapes over the next few days!

Location:Camino Aeropuerto,Punta Arenas,Chile

^ view from the bus as I ride to Puerto Natales

^ at a restroom stop en route: my first view of a glacial river! Note the unique blue color, due to the high sediment content in the water

^ Signs of distances to different world cities. I’m currently 11,168km from New York (furthest city: Tokyo, 21,041km).


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