Last Day in El Chalten

Today was a half day hike… we were supposed to go to the Cerro Fitz Roy base camp before I left for Calafate, but the clouds are low-hanging and the air is damp. We drove through the valley of the town, exiting the Glacier National Park and entering private land. The owner lives in Buenos Aires, and apparently comes down to his many acres to ride horses a few times a year.

The skies began to clear as we hiked, weaving through more glaciers and lakes along the way. We climbed across scrambles and did a bit more bushwhacking – continuing our trend of traveling off-piste. As we climb a hill, we discover a bench made of woven branches felled nearby, sitting peacefully in front of a gorgeous waterfall. We stop for lunch and some mate (which I’d had with him every day so far, and would continue to drink until I returned home). The sun grew warm and the ominous clouds of the morning were soon replaced by a clear, nearly windless sky.

We continued our hike that afternoon, crossing back into the Glacier National Park. Circling around other hikers, we passed by the Valley of el Rio de las Vueltas (River of Turns), the Rio Torro valley (where you will find a video of posted next), and the Lago Del Desierto.

After returning to the town in the afternoon, we went out together for a few beers at the local microbrewery before I had to leave. He walked me to the bus station, helping me with my bags, and it was time to move on to El Calafate, Argentina. After a few hours on the bus, I arrived in El Calafate around 9pm, ready to start my next adventure!


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