I’m here!

Today was my first day out and about and it started early! I woke up at 4am to get to the airport for my cross-country flight to Seattle. As our plane began to descend I looked out my window to try and get my bearings and to my surprise, Rainier was looming out of the clouds beside me, its glaciers shimmering proudly in the late morning sun. The excited suspense leading up to this trip has been tremendous, and being able to see the prize immediately upon arrival was the perfect encouragement. There is no place I’d rather be – nothing I’d rather be doing – than to be here in this moment to learn and train on this mountain! Well, in a few day anyway 🙂

After landing around 11:30am local time and getting settled at the hotel, I ventured out into the Lower Queen Anne area of the city for some lunch and a local brew.

Shortly thereafter I joined up with Phil and Keith – two fellow adventurers – to explore the city’s diverse array of attractions. What a beautiful place! The city truly seems to live symbiotically with its surroundings. At Pike’s Place market, you can find many local items for sale from delicate handmade jewelry and artfully dyed leathers to freshly caught fish and locally grown produce. The market was filled with people, but it didn’t seem crowded, somehow. Seattle seems to resonate with both a liveliness and a calmness that seems perfectly misplaced here.

As we wandered through the parks and sculpture gardens and ultimately beneath the space needle, I needed to remind myself that I was actually in a city. Everything is so green and people wait so patiently for the walk signal and the air smells so clean… I feel like I could turn around and settle into my tent for the night.

Tomorrow I will be shopping to get the food I’ll eat for the first leg of my journey. 6 days training in the Cascades and then we’ll head for Rainier after a brief restock session in Seattle! At 5 our group of 6 climbers will be getting together for a meet and greet at the Marqueen Hotel near our outfitter’s office – I can’t wait to meet the rest of them! Just a head’s up: you may see an occasional guest-writer on here so they can say hi to their loved ones back home. 🙂

I’ll leave it at that with a few photos to follow. In summary, my first exposure to Seattle (and, generally, to the Pacific Northwest) has been a very pleasant one.

Until next time,



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