First day in the country

Today was all about the gear. We got to the office at 6:30am to get out gear organized and collect our rental gear. We met our guides, Michael and Peter, who were there and ready to introduce us to what is to come. Over the next 6 days, we will be camping in the Cascades mountain range while training and preparing for our Rainier summit climb next week. On the sixth day we will hopefully summit Mt. Baker and then return to Seattle for an overnight before a much needed laundromat session, a good nights sleep, and restocking out packs.

Tonight is lux camping! We’re at a campsite near the trailhead and even got wood for our fire-pit. We’ve all collected around the fire, crackling in the cool night air, while we practice out knot-tying skills that we learned this afternoon. Everyone is relaxed and enjoying being surrounded by the moist earth, surrounded by mossy rocks and trees that reach for the sky. We’ll be going to bed soon so that we can start the day out early and get above the snow line.

Goodbye for now, I’m going to enjoy the fire!


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