Arrival in Oslo!

I’ve landed! After about an hour to taxi, go through immigration and get my backpack (which arrived unharmed) I am now writing from the train on the way to Oslo S (central station). We’re streaking through farmland, dotted with quaint red farmhouses and dense pine trees. There is still a dusting of snow from last night, and patches of fog are clinging to the earth. It is mostly flat terrain, with hills rolling by rising no more than a couple hundred feet, at most. It’s now near freezing and overcast, but at least it’s still bright out and the rain is holding off for now. 



Just kidding! As soon as I got myself going in the right direction on the metro to my hotel (which took me a few stops to notice I was going the wrong way), I got outside and it was pouring rain. Luckily, I had 2 rain jackets and my pack cover so I was able to walk to the hotel. I passed by a full marching band (? For an anti-littering campaign?) and then passed a demonstration for establishing democracy in Vietnam. 

I’m staying at a hotel for my first night – I wanted to make sure I got a good night sleep to recover from jetlag before sleeping in hostel dorms for the rest of my trip (mostly – I have 1 Airbnb and 1 Couchsurfer). It’s in a pretty central location in Oslo, which is perfect because I don’t have a lot of time in the first couple of cities I’m visiting. It’s a “smart hotel” so pretty much everything is automated and it’s a tiny room, but it’s a good price for central Oslo!

It was my first time flying with Norwegian Air, and I’m so happy that it was a pleasant experience as I have several more flights with them before I finish this trip 🙂 Although we left a little late we still arrived on time. I was in premium economy so we got a hot meal for dinner (beef, potatoes, green beans) and a cold breakfast (bagel with build-your-own options like cream cheese, lox, tomatoes and capers). The seats were comfortable, reclined significantly, and service was great! So far I’m impressed. We’ll see if it’s different for the non-transcontinental flights. 

Im going to freshen up and then I’m heading out to explore the city! It’s a good thing I’m hungry or I’d be tempted to take a nap… 💤 I’ll post back with a full report of my adventures later.


Ps – if you want to see more videos and pictures, I’ll be posting a bunch on Snapchat, as well (username egblack88). Check it out for a full tour of my room!


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