Oslo: Day 2

This morning was beautiful. It was cool and bright with patches of blue sky. I got up at 8, had breakfast, and went out exploring.

When I left the hotel it felt rather empty in the streets – I had read in my guidebooks that during the day the city can feel more sparse because the people like to go out and enjoy the outdoors on the weekends. It is also a holiday today, Labour day, so maybe that had something to do with all the marching bands (I ran into 2 more today)! I passed by the Oslo cathedral (Oslo domkirke) and a flower market being set up on the way to my goal.

I had being seeing young adults wearing these bright red overalls all over the place since I arrived – I finally stopped to ask a group of girls what it was about. Apparently they wear reds and are referred to as reds after they graduate, and they go on a 17 day party! This is referred to as “russefeiring.” So that solves that mystery.

My first stop was the Oslo Opera House – what a sight! It’s a gorgeous white behemoth sitting on the edge of the harbor, and is constructed so that you can easily walk up to the roof for a view. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

My next stop was the Akershus Fortress. It, too, is right on the water and is something to behold. There was a guard on patrol (I only caught him as he was walking away).

Lastly, I stopped by the Nobel Peace Center, which is right behind the town hall (Rådhus). The Rådhus is where the award is actually presented to the recipient.

All in all, a lovely morning in Oslo. I’m so glad I was able to enjoy the city in the sunlight before I left.

Now, on to Sweden!


4 thoughts on “Oslo: Day 2

  1. I’ve never been to Oslo, but it reminds me a lot of England from your pictures – a cross between the city of London and the more rural areas of Essex. It would have really freaked me out to be in the city with it being so empty though – like when they shot V For Vendetta in London near where I worked. Empty streets = emergency evacuation to me! 😮

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  2. Marta Black

    I loved the opera house — how beautiful!…. and the flower market! They are always a little paradise. … and the students in red, and the paving stones, and castles… Ah, the Old World. It satisfies the soul in a way that we don’t even know we need!


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