I’m running behind on posting but only because I’ve been having so much fun 🙂 I arrived at the City Backpacker’s Hostel in Stockholm, Sweden yesterday, grabbed a bunk, and went out exploring immediately.

Although most of the museums were closed (triple threat: Sunday, a holiday, and later afternoon time) there is so much to see in beautiful Stockholm by just walking around. I went walking in the “old town” sector called Gamla Stan, where I was able to walk around the royal palace (Stockholm Palace) and see the guards, and see the Stockholm Cathedral (Storkyrkan) which is the oldest church in Stockholm built in the 13th century. I walked through the central square, where Swedes enjoy taking fika- which is generally a coffee with a sweet (like a sweet bun) in the middle of the day and socialize. There’s plenty of outdoor seating with complimentary blankets so you can enjoy the sunshine, even in colder weather.

I then walked to the nearby island of Riddarholmen which is another older and traditionally structures island. There i saw another gorgeous church called Riddarholmskyrkan.

I was getting pretty hungry, so I hurried back to the hostel to see if I could recruit some comrades to go get some food with me. I picked up T, 20, who is from Paris (with a very thick accent) and S, 27, who is an Indian transplant now living in London. We wandered back through Gamla Stan to its southern brother of Södermalm, where we wandered and eventually ate. We chatted about French stereotypes (they view themselves to be too arrogant), American generalizations (the Parisian seemed to think we flew everywhere all the time, and he also seemed to think train hopping was common?) and much more. Then we headed down east along the waterline for a gorgeous view of the city, lighting up the dark sky in all its glory.

We headed back to the hostel a little after midnight and I crashed – hard. So sleepy! Luckily, S was heading back home the next night, so we made plans to meet for a drink when I pass through London.

The next morning I joined an Australian and Korean at breakfast. He (Aussie) ended up being to hungover and went back to bed (how am I not surprised) and Su and I went out exploring for my last few hours in Stockholm. It was nice to have a partner in crime. Hopefully we shall share some adventures together in the future… She’s been traveling for about a year and has made friends from all over the world on her way around, so she just keeps going!

Speaking of, time for a flight to Copenhagen. On to the next one!


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