Bronze Light, El Chaltén | Argentina (by Hougaard Malan)

I would love to go back! How glorious to be in Argentina at El Chalten!


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I’ve been working on consolidating all of my posts written on scraps of paper and loading photos from my camera and phone, so over the next few days look for new posts (backdated so to be in the correct order). I’ve also spruced up previous posts with new photos!

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Most people have more needs than wants. That’s why they live the lives they do. But the world is run by those whose wants outstrip their needs.

Amor Towles, Rules of Civility: A Novel

My guides are lucky to have found such peace: their needs and wants are the same; their desires can satisfy their needs. I only hope to find the same.

Arriving at the John Gardner Pass. Sorry you can’t hear the commentary over the wind, but it’s not really much of anything, anyway 🙂 As I walk across the rocks there, we are approaching the side of the pass toward Grey Glacier, which is a HUGE mass of ice being fed my multiple surrounding glaciers. Awesome view, but we still had several hours worth of switchbacks and ladder climbing to arrive at camp for the night.

22 km, 11 hrs.